Our surgeons perform a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Besides spays, neuters, puppy tails and dewclaws, examples include:

  • Abdominal exploratory surgery for things like ingested foreign body removal, cancer, intestinal resection, and bladder stone removal.
  • Orthopedic surgery for fracture repair using various techniques including medullary pins, bone plating, and external fixation. Repair of Cranial Cruciate tears (aka ACL) and repairs of subluxated patellas.
  • Misc. soft tissue surgeries like Caesarian section, lumpectomy, reconstruction of eyelids, ear canals, deep facial folds, and narrow nostrils, laceration repair, enucleation (removal of eye), and amputations.
  • Oral surgery.

The safest injectable and inhalational anesthetics are used and pain is controlled with effective pain medications. Every patient is monitored before, during, and after surgery. Our monitors keep track of temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, Sp02, CO2. Our nurses provide immediate rapid response changes indicated by the monitors. They adjust IV fluids, anesthetic, and medication to keep your pets safe during their surgery.