Just as in human medicine it is becoming rapidly apparent that a shift from dealing with medical catastrophes and firefighting to preventative care and monitoring is allowing us to do all we can to ensure the quality and longevity for our pets.

Evidence is overwhelming that a focus on prevention and monitoring will cost pet owners less over the life of their pet and allow their pet to live longer with less pain!

Our wellness protocols include routine blood chemistry and Complete Blood Counts as well as screening for Heartworm Disease, which is so prevalent in our region.

In senior pets (over the age of seven), we recommend yearly senior panels, which include bloodwork and urinalysis. This allows us to find subclinical issues and intervene before they become dangerous or dramatic.

The reason we so passionately recommend yearly testing is to monitor baseline values and trends for your individual pet. The clinical value of monitoring your pet’s test results repeatedly over time, both in relation to reference values and to what’s normal for your specific pet gives us the tools to maximize what we can do for your pet.

Our Annual Wellness Program includes:

  • Physical Exams: Nose to tail expert exams which allow our doctors to locate and monitor any abnormalities that should be addressed as early as possible.
  • Vaccinations: Prevent common diseases that affect our pets. The vaccination plan should be tailored uniquely to your pet. Not all pets require the same vaccinations.
  • Preventative Diagnostic Testing:
    Blood chemistry and complete count. Urinalysis
    X-Ray and/or Ultrasound as indicated by the exam or bloodwork. Fine Needle Aspirates or Biopsies for lumps and masses.
    Many other specific tests when indicated.
  • Toe nail trimming, anal gland expression and other similar services
  • Internal and External parasite treatment.
  • Consultation on weight control, behavioral issues, diseases.

*In our experience, when we have found health issues early, before there are clinical signs, we can either easily cure the problem or add years of good quality life by using special diets or simple medications and nutritional additives.

When pets come in with full blown symptoms we are often severely limited in the help we can give them, that we could have if they had been diagnosed earlier.

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