Diabetic Insulin Syringe

For those with diabetic pets, it can sometimes be confusing to understand the different types of syringes available– and with more and more human pharmacies offering pet products, it is especially important to know which type of syringe you need, as a human pharmacist may not be familiar with the syringes used for veterinary patients.

Here is a visual display that helps highlight the difference in syringes:

A U-100 syringe (with the orange cap) measures out 100 units of insulin per mL, while a U-40 syringe (with the red cap) measures out 40 units of insulin per mL. This means that “one unit” of insulin is a different volume depending on whether it should be dosed in a U-100 syringe or a U-40 syringe. Usually veterinary-specific insulins like Vetsulin are dosed using a U-40 syringe while human products like glargin or Humulin are dosed using a U-100 syringe. Be sure you understand what syringe your pet needs and don’t let a pharmacist convince you that the type of syringe doesn’t matter! If you ever have questions about insulin or syringes, please call and ask!

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